All About Jonathan

Pastor Jonathan Clarke has entered his thirteenth year as a faithful pastor at the Welcome and to say he has been busy during that period is something of an understatement.

This passionate and caring pastor commenced his Welcome ministry back in May 2006 and the work has flourished ever since.

During his tenure Jonathan has overseen the renovation of the well-known Welcome Hall to the modern building that exists today – the Welcome Evangelical Church.

In addition to this Pastor Jonathan’s vision to erect and provide the Amy Carmichael Centre directly beside the church for the people of the greater Shankill was completed in 2016.

A local man, Pastor Jonathan was raised in the Shankill district and has only ever had one desire – to see men and women from this needy part of North Belfast experience a genuine relationship with Jesus Christ as their Saviour.

To this end, his weekly messages are well prepared and preached with a passion to people of all age groups. Having given his own heart to Jesus Christ in 1986 as a 16-year-old, Pastor Jonathan is a seasoned campaigner and loves nothing more than having the privilege of leading people to Christ.

He’s a hands-on pastor not afraid to visit the flock regularly or turn his hand to anything that needs to be done

His aim is to see the local church equipped for servant leadership and to care for the whole person – the original vision of the Welcome founder Amy Carmichael.

Pastor Jonathan still lives in the Shankill area at Ballygomartin, with his wife Lorraine and 17-year-old son Joel.

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