Welcome Church Gift Day

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An Interview with Pastor Jonathon, on the Welcome’s upcoming Gift Day!

Q. So Pastor Jonathan, the Welcome Church’s Gift Day on 1 March is to raise some money to help facilitate the church’s missions in 2020. What exactly are these missions?

A. We are planning a Children’s Holiday Bible Week with Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) from 6 – 10 July. And then Mission 20/20 from 1 – 8 November with evangelist John Weir!

Q. Should folks decide to donate to Gift Day, where exactly will their donations go?

A. Any finance raised will go to help in purchasing children’s Bibles with the plan to give away 100 Bibles during the holiday bible week! We also hope to buy promotional leaflets to circulate from door to door in the community. We want to reach out to folks, advertising our church programmes and the Autumn mission.

Q. Do you wish for the Welcome Congregation just to back Gift Day?

A. No, it’s open for everyone who has ever had a connection with the Welcome Church in Cambrai Street, over the years, either who are at home or now overseas.

Q. Can Believers also help in other ways, say through prayer?

A. We would very much welcome prayer. Any spiritual fruit that comes from these special efforts will be as a result of prayer and the evangelistic work that is being carried out.

Q. What is the ultimate aim through Gift Day and the Missions in 2020?

A. Our vision is to get copies of God’s word into the hands of kids, that is easy for them to read. Our desire is to witness a move of God through the Woodvale community and further afield with many souls coming to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their own and personal saviour.




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  1. Prayers are necessary as we who have faith believe that God will not see us go without when we’re trying to reach his people. Your prayers are much appreciated as is your gift. Maybe some folks don’t know that we are a stand alone church which means we rely on our parishioners & our community to help keep spreading Gods word.

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